These are Patrick Swayze’s greatest moments! Which one is your favourite?

Patrick Swayze is one of our favourite Hollywood actors, ever. From when he captivated our hearts in Dirty Dancing to his roles in Ghost, Point Break and many others…he’s the one man we miss the most. So we’ve taken a look below at Patrick Swayze’s most memorable moments…ever!

Here are 3 other reasons why we are totally obsessed with My Swayze right now!

Along with all his raw masculinity, he was also totally in touch with his emotions and had a real sensitive side. Apparently he won the role of ‘Sam’ in ‘Ghost’ because the film’s writer saw an interview during which Patrick burst into tears when his father was mentioned…

The man himself admitted that filming that infamous pottery scenes in ‘Ghost’ was one of the most intense scenes he ever did. He recalled in his autobiography: “It was pretty sexy playing in all that clay, so all we had to do was go with it, let our imaginations run wild, and then touch each other’s arms for the sparks to fly.”

He isn’t just charming and good looking (although that certainly helps A LOT) but Patrick was also a loyal and devoted husband. He married his high school sweetheart Lisa Niemi in 1975, and they were together for 30 years until the day he died.