We loved the 80s! It had the most fantastic fashion, can you remember everyone’s love of leg warmers and shoulder pads, plus it had outrageous hairstyles, think perms and backcombing, AND brilliant TV shows – hands up if you loved Cheers, The Golden Girls and spent hours watching Dallas? Exactly, so did we! What’s not to love?

But the hair in the 80s was our favourite, it was amazing! Remember when George Clooney had long shaggy hair (it’s true!), Sarah Jessica Parker had a BIG (seriously big!!) 80s-style perm and Demi Moore loved crimping her hair? Or how about Madonna’s colourful looks and Cher’s amazing wigs? These are the celebrity hairstyles that set some serious trends!


We’ve rounded up our favourite most outrageous 80s hairstyles ever and counted them down – can you guess who makes number 1? Watch our video above to find our top 10 outrageous celebrity hairstyles from the 80s.

Come on, admit it, we’ve all got a picture of us somewhere wearing at least one of these 80s hairstyles! Don’t pretend like you didn’t rock one of these styles at some point too! It’s time for an epic 80s throwback…watch our video above.

Which celebrity 80s hairstyle is your favourite?