These are the 7 times Helen Mirren was just utterly fabulous – the best moments that proved why she’s our idol!

Even though she is a Hollywood star and an Oscar winning actress, Helen Mirren still does what she wants – when! She doesn’t care who sees her with her shoes off, if she has to ride the subway and she isn’t afraid to kiss her husband in public thank you very much!


Do you remember the time Dame Helen Mirren got Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway into how water when she swore live on tv! The actress was recounting a camping trip with ex boyfriend Liam Neeson, saying it had ‘p****d it down non-stop’ when Ben interjected with “you can’t say those things first thing in the morning!” Helen did say sorry, but also asked “Why can’t you say that? It’s not very rude.” So sassy!

Or what about the time Helen actually told the REAL queen of England off?! Oh and did we mention that Helen is said to just pack underwear when she goes away, preferring to buy her clothes from charity shops when she gets to her destination! Fabulous!

Watch our video to see Helen’s best moments ever – hands up who loves Helen too?