Fred Sirieix talks to us about life, love and who should foot the bill at the end of a date…. (the way he says ’butterfly’  SWOON)

Hands up who loves First Dates?

Here at Woman’s Own we cant get enough of watching daters’ antics on screen, but who else has noticed that the restaurant manager and resident love guru Fred Sirieix is rather dishy, too?

To put it plainly…


Amy, we totally agree!

So what else is there to know about our favourite Frenchie?

As well as calming down nervous daters and dishing out relationship advice in the First Dates restaurant, Fred is the general manager at Galvin at Windows restaurant in London, and enjoys boxing and a bit of singing on the side! (Could he be anymore dreamy?!)

Freds other recent adventures include fronting the Beer Bicycle, which travelled to a handful of London destinations last week delivering chilled beers to some lucky recipients!

When women asked what alcoholic drink they’ve consumed the most over the past few months, almost a third of women said lager, compared to one in ten who stated Prosecco and 7.6% of women who answered ale. We’ll drink beer any time if it’s Fred who’s delivering it!

Fred Siriex launches ‘The Beer Store’ with AB InBev and Deliveroo, an online delivery service in which customers in central London can get chilled beer delivered to their doorstep in just 15 minutes. The Beer Store is open daily between 4pm and 10pm and is available to over 18s only and in certain London locations. AB InBev predicts record online beer sales this Christmas.