Want to save lbs and £s? Try these easy swaps…

food and drink swaps


Waitrose Comforting Cream of Chicken Fresh Soup

£1.70 for a 350g pot; 237 calories per 350g serving


Heinz Classic Cream of Chicken Soup

95p for a 400g can; 204 calories per 400g can

WHAT YOU SAVE 75p and 33 calories per serving


Tesco Lean Beef Steak Mince 5% fat

£2.50 for 250g; 155 calories per 125g serving


Tesco Minced Turkey Breast 2% fat

£2 for 250g; 142 calories per 125g serving

WHAT YOU SAVE 25p and 14 calories per serving


Sainsbury’s Breaded Haddock Fillets

£3 for 2 fresh fillets (300g); 277 calories per fillet


Sainsbury’s Lightly Dusted Haddock

£2.75 for 2 fresh fillets (265g); 217 calories per fillet

WHAT YOU SAVE 17p and 60 calories per serving


Sainsbury’s Cooked Sweet Chilli Salmon Fillets

£4.50 for 2 fillets (180g); 230 calories per 140g fillet


John West Mackerel in Sweet Chilli Sauce 125g

£1.20 for a 125g tin; 211 calories per 125g tin

WHAT YOU SAVE £1.30 and 19 calories per serving


Tesco Finest Traditional Pork Sausages

£2.50 for 6 (400g); 293 calories for 2 sausages


Quorn (frozen) Meat Free Sausages

£1.90 for 6 (300g); 126 calories for 2 sausages

WHAT YOU SAVE 20p and 167 calories per serving.


McCain Original Oven Chips

£2.50 for 1.5kg; 246 calories for a 200g (uncooked weight) serving.


Asda Grower’s Selection Baking Potatoes

£1.70 for 2.5kg; 164 calories for one 200g (uncooked weight) baking potato

WHAT YOU SAVE 20p and 102 calories per serving.


Bon Maman crème brulee

£2 for 2 x 100g pot; 237 calories per pot


Bon Maman crème caramel

£2 for 4 x 100g pots; 181 calories per pot

WHAT YOU SAVE 50p and 56 calories per serving


A Starbucks Hot Chocolate

£2.65 for a serving; 261 calories per serving (with semi-skimmed milk and whipped cream)


An Options chocolate drink

40p for an Options instant Belgian chocolate sachet; 40 calories per serving (made up with water)

WHAT YOU SAVE £2.25 and 221 calories per serving