Ahhh, strawberries, rain, tennis whites, rain, game, set and match… More rain. Yes, it’s Wimbledon again!

So we took this time to remind ourselves of some of our favourite tennis players.


1. Rafael Nadal

Spanish born Raf has a legion of loyal fans, we totally get it! We’ll even overlook the ‘pulling-pants-out-of-bum’ tic for the well-honed hunk, we’re good like that.



2. Tim Henman

Retired Henman and his squeaky-clean, boy-next-door image had housewives coming out with a severe case of Hen-mania. We grant you, he IS good looking, but we’re not totally sure what all the fuss was about.


3. Andy Murray

Put your hand up if you like Andy Murray! Erm, we do! Currently ranked World No2… in. the. whole. world! We’re mildly (read: very) impressed.



4. James Blake

New Yorker James Blake has wooed crowds with his range of colourful headbands and fancy footwork. He’s probably tennis’ coolest player… but we’ll have to watch him a bit more, y’know just to make sure.



5. Andre Agassi

Ignoring the fact he looks a little like Pat Sharp here, Agassi was quite the bad-boy in his hey-day! He had an earring and everything! But, we still would.



6. Pat Rafter

Former world No1, Australian born Pat retired in 2002 and went on to become an underwear model… As you do.



7. Roger Federer

The best thing to come out of Switzerland since the Swatch, Federer has (officially) the best forehand in tennis – and (unofficially) the best bum. He’s also the game’s highest earner, banking over $48m during his career so far. Ker-ching!



8. Pete Sampras

Sampras gets his smouldering good looks from his Grecian parents, shame he’s happily married to a former Miss Teen USA. Not only is he great on the court, he also won an Award for GQ’s Man of the Year, he can be our man of the year anytime!

9. Bjorn Borg

Nicknamed “Ice-Man” for his incredible calmness when under pressure, the sandy-haired Swede was also known for his stamina… always a plus point.



10. Andy Roddick

This Texan totty holds the record for the fastest serve, clocking up a speedy 155mph – don’t blink, you’ll miss it! Though he’s married to swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker, so you’ll just have to make do with this picture.


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