David and Victoria Beckham are one A-list couple who’ve always made a point of letting the world know just how strong their bond is. But that didn’t stop one live-on-TV moment almost tearing the couple apart.

victoria beckham

As fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria and her ex-footballer husband were treated to a performance from world renowned magician David Blaine, Posh made an unusual request, saying:

“Has anyone made David disappear yet?”

victoria beckham

While this wouldn’t be the first time that Blaine performed such an impressive feat, the impresario chose not to send Becks up in a cloud of smoke. Instead the 41-year-old was treated to an altogether more gruesome spectacle during an episode of ABC’s Beyond Magic.

Explaining what he’d witnessed the former Manchester United star said:

“He says name an animal he can keep alive in his hand. I said frog.

“So he sewed his mouth shut with needle and thread I thought the sewing the mouth was the trick, forgot about the frog bit.”


And as if this wasn’t awe-inspiring enough, Blaine had one more trick left up his sleeve for the dad-of-four.

“Live frogs came out of his mouth!”

Now that’s one moment we’re sure Becks won’t want to relive!

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