Pucker up! In the spirit of all things kissable the WO team have pinpointed exactly who they’d kiss… if personal space and restraining orders weren’t a worry


PA to the Editor, Carolyn Truscott – ‘Hmm, David Beckham… isn’t it obvious?’  (erm, yes!)

David Beckham



Lifestyle Editor, Suzanne Carter – ‘I don’t know if it’s his pearly whites or baby blues but I’ve come over all unnecessary when I think of Bradley Cooper… plus he took his mum to the BAFTAs – definitely worth a kiss!’

Bradley Cooper


Lifestyle Writer, Stephanie Lowe – ‘My kiss belongs to Gerard Butler (shhh! The boyfriend doesn’t need to know, right?), I just love a rugged looking man, a bit of stubble goes a long way!’

Gerard Butler


Beauty Editor, Stephanie Maylor – ‘This was a toughy, I managed to narrow it down to Ryan Gosling. In my head it would be a kiss from The Notebook, in the rain after he’s just built a house for me with his bare hands.’ *sigh*

Ryan Gosling as Noah in The Notebook


Features Writer, Gemma Wilcock – ‘My husband knows all about my obsession with Charles Etsen from Nashville, I’d want him to serenade me with his guitar then kiss me…’

Charles Etsen

Deacon from Nashville


Editor, Catherine Westwood – ‘It has to be Slash, what can I say the man’s a guitar-playing legend – worthy of a kiss!

Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses



So, who’s worthy of your kiss? Before you decide, make sure you prep that pout