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We all know each star sign carries it own particular traits. But can it really be true that one star sign is more likely to stray than another? Well, according to the latest research that’s exactly the case, with Capricorns topping the list of daters with a serious case of wandering eye.

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While the zodiac sign has many positive traits, it is said that Capricorns aren’t the most effective communicators. Earlier this year Relate counsellor and sex therapist Peter Saddington wrote an article in The Independent detailing what he believes to be the 9 most common reasons for divorce. And sitting at 8th place in this list was differences in communication styles.

“A marriage breaks down when both parties don’t talk about their problems, and Capricorns are well known for not being the best communicators,” adds Christian Grant, spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com – who conducted the research.

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“Coupled with the fact that they’re known to be controlling, dominant and passionate in the bedroom, it’s easy to see why they’ll look for another partner if their current one is unable to satisfy them where it matters.

“Meanwhile, Pisces are incredibly sensitive, seeking love, romance and a soulmate more so than any other star sign. This means that they, too, might not hang around when the going gets tough in their marriage.

Does infidelity apply all signs in the Zodiac?

But before you go all CSI on your partner’s Capricorn profile, it’s important to realise that all zodiac signs are featured on the ranking. Scooping second place is water sign Pisces, closely followed by air sign Aquarius.

2. Pisces
3. Aquarius
4. Taurus
5. Gemini
6. Aries
7. Cancer
8. Leo
9. Virgo
10. Libra
11. Scorpio
12. Sagittarius

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