Curiosity and cats. They’re a pairing as natural as Christmas and mince pies.

So imagine the scene when a bunch of our four-legged friends meets the festive season’s most indulgent Christmas display.

A new ad from kitty treatmakers Temptations just does that, unleashing a mob of moggies to explore a world of giant Christmas baubles, sparkly oversized Christmas trees, light up reindeers and so much more.

Without any fur baby parents to keep things in check, the moment cat flaps are opened – chaos ensues. With a full Christmas dinner laid out elegantly on a white table cloth, and toy train to get those whiskers twitching – this Christmas scene is definitely the cat’s meow.

And as any cat lover will know, when it comes to the battle between Christmas and cats, there can only be one winner.

Those family ornaments may have made it through generations but…


There’s nothing holy about this Christmas angel…


You may have bought them the latest squeaky toy, but what they really want is…

Cats into a room full of Christmas decorations

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