You may remember her as Dana Scully in the 90’s sci-fi drama, but now Gillian Anderson is wowing British crowds in BBC2’s psychological thriller The Fall.

While we initially fell head over heels for sexy male lead, Jamie Dornan… upon closer inspection we felt that Stella deserved a bit of attention. And here at WO towers we love nothing more than a ball-busting female boss (to paraphrase Tulisa) Anderson herself admits that DSI Stella Gibson is one of her favourite characters in her career.


Ice maiden?

Anderson stars opposite Jamie Dornan in the BBC Two drama (recently commissioned for a second series!) with a flawless British accent and endless array of silky blouses. Talking to Red magazine Anderson says; “I really like Stella as a woman. I really like her as a woman more than me. I think there’s something really cool about her.” Agreed.


Ball buster?

Images from BBC


We can’t decide if it’s the quiet ready-to-pounce confidence, unashamed sexual prowess or her super sleek hair, though we think special attention needs to be paid to the fact that ahead of the press conference in the last episode, Stella demanded the female victims weren’t decribed as ‘innocent’, explaining the media puts women into two boxes – ‘virgins or vamps, angels or whores.’ Her point being that a murdered victim is a victim whether they were killed while making a cuppa or drunk in a short skirt, and that women face judgement that men don’t. Not that we want to be all feminist about it but, RIGHT ON SISTER!

So, in conclusion Stella, we’re loving your work and can’t wait for the next installment. Ooo, which is tonight at 9pm!

For a drama in which we already know who the killer is, they’ve managed to keep us hooked!