Singer and all round national sweetheart, Cheryl Cole has ruined her body with too many tattoos, more so than any other celeb, according to a recent poll. 

The Sun’s survey showed 22% of it’s 12,500 voters ousted Chezza, 29, as the celeb who’s ruined her look with too many tatts. The Girls Aloud singer was closely followed by tattoo clad teeny-bopper Justin Beiber  with 18% and rapper Lil Wayne (nope, us neither) was third with 16%.


Cheryl Cole                                        Justin Bieber                                                Lil Wayne


During the Girls Aloud tour this year Cheryl provoked rage and praise this year with a huge new inking on her lower back, (imagine the lower back one but bigger and redder!) which took an eye-watering 15 hours to finish. ‘Tattoos are addictive, they really are,’ the Fight For This Love singer says. ‘Tattoos are reflective of people’s personalities. I’m always drawn to people who have them.’


Following her divorce from Ashely Cole in 2010 Cheryl still keeps his last name as well as this tattoo

Taking her tattoo down the red carpet at The Brit Awards

Flashing her tribal tattoo on her ‘clutch-holding hand’


A young starlet in the making, showing off her barbed wire thigh tattoo


We don’t think your tattoos are that bad, Chez!

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