We’ve always thought that the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William was a shining example of brotherly love.

But according to one celeb, beneath the smiles and playful friendship that characterises their bond, there could be some simmering tensions!

Writing in a new column about the royal family for the Sunday Post, daytime TV supremo Lorraine Kelly has waded in where others haven’t really bothered to tread.

Discussing the differences in Princes’ lives the 57-year-old argued that bachelor Harry is ‘actually very envious of William’s life’. This is despite being the “far more charismatic younger brother”.

The reason? She writes:

‘Harry has said more than once that he wants to settle down and have a family sooner rather than later.’

Well with things between Meghan and Harry looking more serious by the day, it may not be long before the 32-year-old achieves just that.

Thankfully it wasn’t all doom and gloom when it came to discussing the royal family dynamic, with Lorraine recognising that the brothers have a mutual admiration for each other. She continued:

‘Harry admires his big brother and has recently followed William and Kate in doing a great job raising awareness about mental illness, particularly among young people.’

And what about Kate and Meghan you ask? Well unsurprisingly they weren’t left out of Lorraine’s analysis. While Kate was praised for ‘quietly making a difference’ through her charity work, on Meghan she simply stated:

‘Times have changed, and being an American divorcée is no longer seen as a heinous sin’. We’re hoping the Suits actress takes that as a compliment!

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