After tuning into BBC2’s The Fall and falling (see what we did there) for lead man Jamie Dornan we thought we’d bring you our favourite, and sexiest TV serial killers…


Blood splatter pattern analyst, Dexter Morgan has been killing on screen and wooing off screen since 2006


Michael C. Hall



Niall Rafferty put the fear of God into the McQueen family in 2007, but we were victim to the little twinkle in his bad-boy eyes


Barry Sloane



Dr. Joe Carroll, a professor-turned-serial-killer, he had us at Edgar Allen Poe

The Following

James Purefoy



Ah, Richard Hillman. Any man who tries to silence Corrie’s Gail is a God in our book

Coronation Street

Brian Capron



In 2008 Preacher Lucas Johnson joined the square, then his Jekyll & Hyde side came out

(we still would though)


Don Gilet



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