We all have our secret pleasures in life, the hidden crush, the secret show. Well now we’re shouting about them. We’re loud, proud fans of…


‘He is the guitar God.’

Editor, Catherine Westwood

Too. Cool.

David Bowie

‘I’ve always been a fan, my husband once worked with him, so he called my home… the one time I didn’t pick up!’

Deputy Editor, Jayne Marsden

An icon in his own (fabulously made up) right



Keeping Up With The Kardashians

‘The fights, the live births, that hair – there’s so much drama around so little happening!’

Beauty Editor, Stephanie Maylor

Kourtney, Khloe and Kim




‘I know they’re young, but they’re gorgeous, in a totally normal way.’

Editorial Assistant, Rachel Irvine

Which one? Decisions, decisions


 Jeremy Kyle

‘There’s something about his high and mighty judging which makes him totally watchable, maybe a bit of a guilty crush too.’

Lifestyle Writer, Stephanie Lowe

You sir are bossy…


 C4’s Come Dine With Me

‘I can watch these back-to-back, the voiceover guy is so funny!’

Lifestyle Editor, Suzanne Carter

Perfect hangover TV


Confession time. Who are you proud to be a fan of? Come on now, don’t be shy