There are already countless books, TV shows and even films about the late Princess of Wales. Now, a musical based on Princess Diana’s life may soon be about to hit the Broadway stage.

According to the New York Post, an all singing, all dancing show centring around Diana’s life of is currently in development at Vassar College’s New York Stage and Film.

The musical will focus on her famously fraught marriage to Prince Charles, and how the palace – reportedly – purposely put the pair together. It’ll also take a look at how Diana carved out a name for herself.

Joe DiPietro is writing the musical. He said, “She was a blue blood, she was beautiful and she was a virgin, which was hard to find in 1980s London.”

The first act will reportedly end with the character of Diana singing “A Pretty Girl in a Pretty Dress”. Apparently, it’s in this moment that she realises how to go from being used by the monarchy, to a powerful figure in her own right.

princess diana musical

DiPietro explained, “She was manipulated, used and misunderstood, but she rose to the occasion and then used her popularity to gain power.”

“The royals never thought this uneducated woman could accomplish what she did. I thought she’d make a wonderful lead character in a musical.”

But DiPietro also assured that the musical will still show Diana as the strong and determined woman she was.

He said, “It’s about her self-empowerment and how she was in this terrible marriage. But she still managed to do so much good for the world,”

Diana and Charles will of course be key characters in the musical. But interestingly, the character of Camilla, now the Duchess of Cornwall, will also have a key role in the storyline. This indicates just how much the musical will focus on her relationship with Prince Charles.

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So will it definitely happen?

Well, the musical isn’t definitely going to go ahead. Musicals take a long time to get pushed through to Broadway. But reportedly, the minds behind the show are certainly the ones to make it happen.

Christopher Ashley, the man directing the production, has just won a Tony award for his work on Come From Away. Joe DiPetro and David Bryan, who are doing the show’s music and book, are successful too. They both won a Tony for the popular Memphis in 2010.

The show will do a reading on the 23rd July, which is expected to attract some exciting attention from top Broadway producers.

DiPietro confirmed that things are looking very promising for the Diana musical. He said, “With some shows, the doors open very quickly. They are opening very quickly with this one. People are fascinated by Diana and her legacy.”

But is it a good idea?

Some people have already criticised the idea of a Diana musical. Given the tragic state of affairs surrounding much of her life and death. This year marks 20 years since Princess Diana’s untimely death in a tragic car accident in Paris. Although Diana was known to love the theatre, and was often seen attending shows and ballet recitals around the world, there are questions about whether a musical is an appropriate way to remember the ‘People’s Princess’.

Some twitter users are definitely against the idea…

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