Ah, Piers Morgan. He’s well known for causing controversy.

But in his latest scandal, he’s apparently got popular breakfast show Good Morning Britain black-listed by the current PM, Theresa May.

The famously outspoken TV presenter lashed out at the Prime Minister accusing her of putting a block on Conservative MP appearances on the morning show.

He and fellow co-host Susanna Reid were scheduled to interview Conservative MP Sir Michael Fallon about the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. But Theresa May allegedly stepped in at the last minute to cancel the appearance, reportedly owing to Piers tough and divisive interviewing technique.

On the day, Piers spoke up about the missing guest.

He said, “I am so sorry we haven’t got people from the government here today. Theresa May has blocked anybody from coming in to the programme – but apparently, they are appearing on other outlets.

“They don’t want to come on our show because they don’t want to face the tough questions. I think that’s completely cowardly. Sir Michael Fallon, shame on you for saying you’d come on the show, then pulling out at midnight.”

Piers continued to suggest that the MP, who is Secretary of State for Defence, should have made the appearance as a show of solidarity to victims.

He said, “You should be here talking to the people of this country whose lives have been affected – many of whom will be watching this programme. Shame on you.

He also admitted that he was keen to get the truth on the controversial disaster. He continued, “I want people at the top of the system to come on here, face the music and answer the difficult questions.”

But did Theresa really block her MP from appearing?

 One person, a journalist, has actually suggested the comments from Pier aren’t strictly true, tweeting

However, Piers himself was quick to note that the politician didn’t actually turn up to the interview, tweeting back – “Where is he then?”

But what did the public think?

Interestingly, some Twitters users spoke out in defence of the MP. Many took to the social media site to say that the question of the Grenfell Tower controversy doesn’t just need answering by one MP or one party.

Whilst some blamed Piers’ overly tough interview tactic as the reason for the MP’s no-show.

However, others praised the GMB presenter for calling out those involved in the alleged rumours surrounding the fire.

But what do you think? Was Theresa right to cancel the MP’s appearance? Or should they have done the interview? Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation on the Woman’s Own Facebook page – we love to hear your views.