It was announced today that the London Marathon will go ahead this Sunday 19 April, despite the two fatal explosions at the Boston Marathon


First explosion at the Boston Marathon


Security surrounding the London event is set to be reviewed, in light of the tragedy. London Marathon chief executive Nick Bitel said in a statement: ‘The London Marathon has detailed security plans which are developed in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police.

‘They take account of many contingencies, including this type of threat and incident, but one can’t be complacent and when it has happened, you need to then review those plans you have in place to see what else may be necessary.

‘That is certainly what we are going to be doing in the forthcoming hours and days.’

President Obama has also spoken about the explosions and said, ‘We will find out who did this and hold them accountable.’

It has emerged that following the two explosions near the marathon finish line, an eight-year-old boy was among the three reported dead and at least 144 people were hospitalised, with 17 in critical condition and 25 in a serious condition. He was waiting to give his father a hug at the finishing line.

At least two more unexploded bombs were also found near the end of the 26.2-mile (42km) course but they were safely disarmed.

Our thoughts are with all those touched by the explosions.


Message from Breast Cancer Care: Following the tragic event in Boston, we’ve emailed all our London Marathon runners. Contact us with any questions 020 7960 3524.