We wonder what birthday celebrations are like in the Cambridge household…Did Kate bake a birthday cake, make him a cuppa in bed or gift him a home made ‘this entitles you to one foot rub’ voucher?


Well, William rest assured, we’d do all three! And here’s why


Even royalty weren’t spared the 80’s balaclava and ski-suit combo… Those mittens look suspiciously like they’re attached with string. Through the arms.



As a toddler you scrubbed up well. And… are they Clarks shoes? Bet your nanny pushed on your big toe to check the fit?




Oh, William – toupeys are so last season, all you need is a well placed child to cover any male pattern baldness. (We still love you)




You drink pints like us normal folk… except, when you chant ‘down it, down it’ you ee-noon-see-ate!




You’re not embarrassed to be seen out with your gran, when lets face it William, you really should be…




You’re the kind of husband that makes us go ‘awww,’ before turning to ours to say, ‘you NEVER do that for me.’




Erm, you fly one of these…. ’nuff said.




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