David and Victoria Beckham Glastonbury fall-out reportedly witnessed by onlookers at the festival…

David and Victoria Beckham are normally the picture-perfect, happy couple. The pair regularly sing one another’s praises, and always turn up to support each other at public events.

But things apparently weren’t so sunny over the weekend, when the couple were allegedly embroiled in a row at Glastonbury Festival. The couple arrived separately, with Victoria flown in to the festival by helicopter. David reportedly drove there with their 18-year-old son Brooklyn.

david and victoria beckham glastonbury

David and Victoria Beckham Glastonbury 2017

The pair, who have been together for 20 years, are reported to have had a tense disagreement whilst waiting for the festival’s headliner Ed Sheeran. David and Victoria were installed in the VIP section of the stage, in order to get the best view of the pop superstar.

But a fellow festival goer told The Sun it wasn’t all singing and dancing on the night. Apparently, after being left on her own for a time, Victoria had stern words with David when he finally came and found her. An onlooker reportedly said, “Victoria wasn’t happy about being left alone in the VIP area. She was hanging around on her own for ages with minder types.

“Then David came back and Victoria had a go at him and they were separated for a period.”

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But apparently, son Brooklyn was keen to keep things calm between the two. The source said, “It was really awkward. Brooklyn came over to try and keep the peace.

“He said to David: ‘Don’t worry dad I’ll get you a drink.’ He then ordered him a double gin and tonic.”

A resolution…

The couple did manage however to snap a couple of shots for their social media, with Victoria calling the night “So much fun!!”

And a source close to the couple said that the fight didn’t ruin the whole night, luckily. “It was over in seconds and they partied the night away together with Ed Sheeran and his family back stage. It was a great night.”

However, The Sun also revealed there was a tense argument David had with a fan at the festival. Reportedly, the eager festival goer attempted to nab a picture of David. But when the ex footballer realised, he apparently stormed over to the person, telling them, “Don’t you dare!”