He may be the oldest of the Beckham clan, but it doesn’t mean that Brooklyn Beckham is exempt from a telling off from Mum and Dad.

18-year-old Brooklyn regularly shares professional snaps on his Instagram account. And now he’s even brought out a photography book to debut some of his work.

But unfortunately it seems one of the pictures from the book landed Brooklyn in big trouble with David and Victoria! Why? Well, the photo in question shows Brooklyn hanging over the edge of a 16-storey building in New York.  And it’s enough to make even the most hardy of us feel a bit dizzy!

(Brooklyn Beckham, WHAT I SEE by Brooklyn Beckham)

Apparently, David and Victoria were NOT happy when they eventually saw the shot – and we think we can probably guess why!

Underneath the photo, Brooklyn wrote “Don’t try this at home. My parents were so angry when they saw this. So stupid. Cool shot though”

If our child was precariously close to a 40 foot drop we’d probably be a bit angry too!

Did Victoria and David approve of the rest of the book?

The rest of the collection in the photography book features snaps of all of his family members. But Brooklyn admitted that sometimes the photos of his siblings and superstar parents weren’t all that easy to get approved.

Talking to The Telegraph magazine, he admitted “It was hard to get them approved. Took bloody ages. Most times, I’m secretive about taking them. If my mum sees me taking a picture, she kind of poses and stuff, and I don’t really like that.

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“None of my photos are set; I like using natural light.”

But happily, the rest of the photos in the book are probably a bit less controversial. One picture shows just how much of an adoring big brother Brooklyn is to younger sister Harper. The picture shows the 5-year-old hunched over a table drawing.

Under the photo, Brooklyn said, “My sister loves drawing. I taught her and we do it together sometimes. This is her at the kitchen table.”

If you fancy seeing some more candid snaps of the famous family, the youngster’s book will be out on the 29th June.