Siblings. They make us laugh, cry, shout out in glee (or in anger when they’ve taken something from your room without asking. AGAIN)

There aren’t many siblings out there who can claim there is no sibling rivalry between them. Whether it’s competing to be the best in school, on the sports field, or in the work place, sometimes our sibling’s success can push us to try that little bit harder to be the best.

However, there’s one competition that youngest siblings apparently win hands down.

According to a survey by YouGov, the youngest children are not only the most relaxed of the bunch, but they are also the funniest! Or so they think…

46% of younger siblings said they are more likely to identify with being funny. Whereas 54% of firstborns say that they feel the burden of responsibility from being the eldest child.

Apparently younger siblings also tend to be the favourites of their parents!

However, all is not lost if you’re the eldest in your family. According to the survey, firstborns have a greater ability to prioritise their lives and are therefore more likely to be successful. According to University of Edinburgh economists, first-born children are also smarter than their younger siblings! Apparently, this is because the first born child receives more mental stimulation and support in developing thinking skills from their parents.

Well, just look at Kate Middleton. She’s the eldest of three siblings and she’s not doing too badly…

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