It’s pretty incredible!



Looking at this typical London double-decker bus from afar, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was completely unremarkable.

But what’s waiting inside is anything but ordinary. The previously derelict bus has been transformed into a two-story luxury B&B. Complete with a sumptuous bedroom, free standing bath, private garden and hot tub.

The 1960s Routemaster, now named ‘Trafalgar Square’, still has almost all of its original features, including its steering wheel, seats and signs.

Susan Mosier and her husband Philip bought the bus for £5,000, and spent £100,000 working with an interior designer to turn it into their dream B&B.

The couple keep the bus stationary in the grounds of their country hotel, South Causey Inn, near Beamish, County Durham.


Susan said: “The reaction has been phenomenal, absolutely amazing. It causes a great deal of excitement. It is really different so people are interested in it.

“Our double-decker bus was derelict when we bought it. We wanted it to be high-end as possible.

“There is a little seating area refurbished using the original bus seats,” she added. “There are also candles, a TV and wifi.”

And for the guests who come and stay at the quirky property, they really do roll out the red carpet. Guests are greeted with canapés and prosecco on arrival. Then inside they’ll find fluffy dressing gowns, slippers and, perhaps the most noteworthy for a good night’s sleep, Egyptian cotton sheets.


At £220 a night (£250 at the weekends), the suite comes with a pretty hefty price tag. But when else would you be able to have an experience like this? Well, apart from that time you fell asleep on the 415….

Image credits: Facebook/Phil Smith Photography/Inspire An Image Photgraphy/South Causey Inn

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