Children around the world are familiar with the process of compiling a wish list of presents that they hope to receive from Santa on Christmas Day. Chloe Solstad is no different, apart from the fact that instead of a list full of toys, games, and the latest gadgets, this little girl had a very special wish at the top of her list.


Written at the top of Chloe’s Christmas wish list was, “for my mum and dad to have the baby they desire”, and little did this sweet child know, but her parents were about to make her wish come true.

Watch the heartwarming surprise here…

When Chloe and her siblings see their new adopted baby brother for the first time, they cannot contain their excitement or joy. As Chloe breaks into tears of happiness, her sisters are equally adorable, and it is clear they are thrilled to be welcoming a new addition into their family of five.


Their mum, Courtney Solstad, shared this touching moment with her friends and family on Facebook, after seeing how sweet her girls were when meeting their new adopted baby brother Nathan for the first time.  “Chloe’s Christmas wish came true,” she wrote, before going on to explain, “The girls knew nothing about Nathan until this,” she wrote. “We met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share… and it was under the tree.”