This babysitter was fired after a Facebook post went viral...

What’s the worst babysitter you have ever had? Someone who showed up late? Or maybe didn’t show up at all? Or the next door neighbour who did you a favour but couldn’t get your little one to bed so they were still up and running around when you got home way past bedtime?

Well none of those compare to this awful story of the worst babysitter we have ever heard of. This babysitter was fired after a shocking video of her at a Water park was circulated on Facebook.

The video, which you can see below, was posted by a bystander called Desiree Howell, who overheard the sitter mention she was looking after the child, but then saw her put the seven month old underneath a bucket to be doused in gallons of water. Although the woman immediately picks up the child after she starts crying, Desiree was concerned enough to film the incident and report it to the police.

The bystander also posted the video evidence to Facebook with the following message in the hopes of finding out who the abusive babysitter was:

You have got to be kidding me!!!!! She is abusing this child. Baby is crying. And swallowing this water. Pray this baby won’t drown in her sleep!!! She has been yelling at her telling her to get over it. Its part of being a kid. Heard this baby is only 7 months old….AND NOT HERS!!!!! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!

The baby’s mother, Brittany Dixson, was said to have started, “hysterically crying” after seeing her daughter being treated so horrifically by the babysitter, and immediately picked her up from the park. She fired the babysitter, but the woman hasn’t been arrested yet, as the case is under investigation from the Indiana Department of Child Services.