Could you forgive your oldest friend if they did this?

What would you do if your oldest friend decided to ditch your wedding day to go to a concert instead? It happened to this bride – and she wants your advice…

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life. As you say your vows in front of your close friends and family, the couple’s minds should be on the bright future that lies ahead of them. However, for one angry bride, her big day could be overshadowed by the betrayal of one of her oldest friends.

In a recent Mumsnet thread, the annoyed bride-to-be voiced her frustrations over a situation involving one of her oldest, and supposedly dearest friends. They’ve known each other for almost three decades. She explained that despite having the date of her wedding in the diary for nearly three years, her friend has decided to ditch her wedding – in favour of going to a gig instead!

Take a look at the dilemma below:

“I’m getting married this summer. Been with my partner for many years and engaged for three and the date has been set since we got engaged.

I have known my oldest friend for my entire life. Almost 30 years. I consider us very close. We went though our entire education together including playgroup, she came on family holidays and we still see each other every week. My friend informed me a while back that she wouldn’t be able to come to my wedding because she has tickets to see a big music act. I have tried to be okay with this as I value our friendship so much and don’t want this to change but I feel completely let down as I know I would never do this to her. Am I being unreasonable?”

What do you think?

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The ‘big music act’ in question is reportedly Adele, who will be playing her ‘Finale’ shows at Wembley this month. Many have argued that although not attending your best friend’s wedding is pretty harsh, in light of the fact that Adele may not tour ‘ever again’ according to the singer, it would be unreasonable for the bride to expect her friend to give up the tickets.

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So, what do you think? Is the friend totally out of order for ditching her mate’s big day to see Adele? Or, do you think she is well within her right to go and see one of her favourite stars live? Also, let us know in the comments below. In addition, you can also join the debate over on the Woman’s Own Facebook page!