Learn to speak cat with our handy guide!


Cats may not be able to talk to us, but they definitely know how to communicate their feelings!

Whether they’re mad, sad, angry or (more often than not) non-plussed, what a cat does with their tale reveals a lot about what they’re thinking.

Decode your cat’s behaviour with our handy guide to what your cat is trying to tell you below!

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What your cat is trying to tell you…decode their behaviour with this handy guide:



This means your cat is pleased, comfortable and feeling confident. If you’re returning from a long day at work and your kitty looks like this, it’s like they’re saying ‘Welcome home, I’m pleased to see you, let’s hang out.’



A rapid flicking of the tale is a sign that your cat is NOT impressed. Cats’ tails also quiver when they’re marking their territory, especially when they’re in heat, since the glands under their tail contain pheromones to attract their mate.

Upright with the tip curled under


This mean’s your cat’s feeling playful and trying to say ‘let’s be friends’.



If your cat is waving their tale from side to side, it’s a sign that they are ready to pounce. It suggests they are concentrating on their prey (or, toy).

Straight out


A cat who holds her tail straight out behind her, parallel to the ground, is friendly and inquisitive.

Fluffed up


When a cat fluffs up their tale, it’s a sign they are feeling defensive. You’ll also notice their ears pinned back and them arching their back, too.

Curled under


This is the cat’s way of signalling submission. They’re feeling afraid and don’t want to rise to the challenge.

Curled around


This is your cats way of telling you they’re feeling loving. Snuggles please.

Curled around someone else 

Whether it’s another animal or a human, this means your cat is showing trust, love and affection. Think of it as a kitty hug.