When it comes to birthday cards, gender roles tend to come into play pretty frequently in their design.

Beer, sports and crude humour are typically all favourites for the man in your life. While mums and daughters’ cards are often covered in glitter, tiaras and stiletto shoes.

But while these familiar illustrations aren’t exactly original, are they also actually quite offensive?

Yes, according to one Waitrose shopper.

Sir Peter Luff, a former politician and avid tweeter, posted the above photo on Twitter, captioning it: ‘Dear @waitrose, do you think your children’s birthday cards may be just a bit stereotypical?’

He also included the damning hashtag ‘#everydaysexism’.

The cards for seem to show aspirations for youngsters. The Girls’ cards are pink and polkadot, with the words ‘Birthday princess’ and ‘Special little girl’ written on the front.

In comparison, the boys’ cards are mainly blue and read ‘Birthday boy’, with one card showing a footballer and another an astronaut.

Responses to Peter’s tweet….

Looks like Peter’s #everydaysexism spot is provoking some mixed responses!

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