A couple of stray puppies were found desperately hugging each other in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The heartbreaking images of these two puppies, looking scared and clinging to each other, has melted the hearts of everyone who has seen them.

Lost and alone on the streets, the bigger pup is seen protectively clinging on to his smaller friend, refusing to let go.

two puppies won't stop clinging to each other

Found abandoned on the streets, it’s difficult to imagine what they had been through in their short lives. Although puppies are naturally affectionate, it is very unusual for them to cling on to each other in the way that these poor pups are.

They had obviously seen and been through some frightening things, that made them seek comfort in each other. Even more sadly, the poor pups were completely ignored by passers-by. However, their story went viral after some kind Buddhist nuns took the pups in and nursed them back to health.

With each day, they are slowly getting stronger and braver. The puppies are even confident enough to be separate from each other, but they are still the best of friends.

Knowing they have someone else to hug and look after them has made all the difference. Now, they couldn’t be more relaxed and happy in their new home.  After all, everyone just needs a puppy (or human) hug!

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