What this Aldi worker did restores our faith in the human race!


Anyone dealing with a screaming toddler knows one of the worst parts about it is the disapproving glares from strangers.

So when Ashley Holmes was approached by staff in Aldi, New South Wales, while trying to calm down her 3-year-old-son during an all-mighty temper tantrum, she naturally went on the defensive.

However, what came next was the complete opposite of what Ashley expected.

She wrote in a post to Facebook: ‘In complete exhaustion, embarrassment and utter disappointment, a lady in an Aldi uniform came walking towards me. I thought “argh, what now?”

‘BUT, she handed me a beautiful bunch of yellow roses from the store, and said, “We thought you deserved these, I hope your day gets better, and please don’t be embarrassed, we understand” and gave me a hug!’


Ashley was reduced to tears by the Aldi staff member’s kindness. She couldn’t quite believe how understanding the staff had been towards her.

‘That was so beautiful, I wanted to just show my honest appreciation for that gesture,’ Ashley continued in her Facebook post.
‘For the total NON judgement. For the support, and not whispering about my total lack of control over my child. So, THANK YOU!!!!!’

Staff member Shannon Maybury, a fellow mother, spotted the post on Facebook and responded. She wrote: ‘My heart just went out to the young lady. I felt so sad for her and could see the hard time she was having, so just wanted to put a smile on her face.

‘I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone our hearts just went out to you. I said “I’m buying her a bunch of flowers – she deserves it.”’

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