This is a real eye opener!


When it comes to wedding day wisdom, the last person loved-up couples expect to turn to is their photographer. But it seems that a lifetime spent snapping newly-weds, also gives you a clear picture of just what it takes to make the leap from getting married to staying married.

jilted at the altar

A recent thread on Reddit posed the following question to wedding photographers the world over:

Can you tell if a couple is going to last or not? And if so, how?

And their responses were worth their weight in wedding gold:

Is it a family affair?

“My photography business partner and I talk about this a lot. We have only been doing this about five years, but I’d guess that if we were to follow up at the ten year and twenty year marks we would have a pretty good hit rate for predicting this.

“The differences we see in the families’ and friends’ behavior at a wedding – the bridesmaids talking, the groomsmen interacting, the parents’ glances and body language, the toasts – all are very telling about how much they think this is a good idea and how much community support there is around a couple.” SuccessiveApprox

Cake chaos?

“I run a wedding photography company that does a fairly large number of weddings each year (we’ll wind up doing around 70 in 2014) and have personally photographed around 250 weddings at this point.

“While there isn’t a surefire way of knowing, I think I have a statistically significant level of accuracy for guessing whether a couple will still be together in five or ten years.

“This is going to sound totally cheesy but I feel even more strongly about this: what happens during the cake cutting. Sweetly feeding one another? Good sign. A playful smear of icing on the nose? No problem.

“But every once in a while someone will retaliate–bad sign. I think it’s indicative of the sort of contempt which will doom the relationship. Even if you don’t want that fondant on your face, you need to be able to laugh it off and have a good time.” 2D Printer

Reception rift?

“I’ve taken my share of wedding pictures. When the bride and groom spend the whole reception apart, or you can’t tear the groom out of the bar, or away from whatever sports game is on, it generally does not work out well.” Clover1492

The look of love?

“Usually during the romantic pictures they have no obvious signs of affection to each other. Perhaps this is just the couples I work with but when we tell them to kiss and hold hands and be affectionate, the couples that have no problem being close usually last. There are some that are very timid and almost afraid the other partner is going to bite their head off. Those are the couples that won’t last.” Photographer_Rob

Too good to be true?

“Its usually not as obvious as I have seen in person. The more surprising ones I have seen separate the quickest almost seem the most excited to get married.

“Its almost like they force themselves [into] a false sense of security to hide it.”Manesfesto

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