I think I could be a breadstick….?


If you’ve always wanted to know what kind of bread you are (it’s a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis), then take this bread personality test!

This viral quiz matches personality traits with nine varieties of bread. So you can finally find out whether you’re more of a croissant, a bagel, or a pitta.

Shared on Twitter by 18-year-old Floridian, Kelly Blaus – the Daily Mail reports  – it soon took the Twitterverse by storm.

“I can’t even open my mentions because they keep crashing, dear god,” she tweeted after publishing the quiz.

Of course, it was only to be expected because who doesn’t want to identify them by bread type? It may not be scientific, but the Internet loves a puzzle. Especially one involving baked goods!

Take a glance at the quiz and work out what kind of bread you are.

If your Instagram has a monochrome aesthetic then you’re probably whole grain bread. And if you “love memes,” and are terrible at communicating via text, then you’re a breadstick.

You’re a French bread if you love sleep and tequila. And if you “cry at sappy movies,” and “have never seen Star Wars,” you’re a croissant for sure.

Admittedly, we don’t really understand the logic behind the test… But that hasn’t stopped us asking everyone we know what kind of bread they most identify with!

Words: Annie Simon

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