You won't believe what happens before the big day!

Wedding season is well and truly underway. And while the big day itself is usually a pretty civilised affair, all bets are off when it comes to the hen do.

Everyone knows someone with a horror story from the bride-to-be’s last night of freedom. Whether it’s a cringy turn on the dance floor or an embarrassing smooch with THAT hot waiter.

In fact research from Team Sport Go Karting revealed that one in 20 hen and stag dos’ end up with one of the party members being arrested!

Thankfully what happens on a hen night usually stays on a hen night unless…one of the party gets a little merry and decides to retell the whole story over a glass or two of vino.

We’ve rounded up some of the best hen do horror stories for your scrolling pleasure. And some of the details are truly shocking.

Happy reading!

The one with the totally unsexy stripper…

“No lie: a male stripper dressed as a baby. The most depressing thing you could think of. Here was this fine Native American dude, long straight hair, body to die for, and smooth brown skin…in footie pajamas and a BONNET. Worst of all, he had a plastic baby bottle he pretended to pee from. And then he stripped. Worst. Hens. Night. Ever.” (source: Reddit)

The ‘it can’t be true!’ one

According to one ex-boyfriend, his former other half is actually the product of a night of passion between her mum and the hen night stripper! The best part is that the husband later found out but continued with the marriage anyway. Because that’s not awkward at all… Drama! (source: Reddit)

The one with the badly behaved mother-in-law…

“At my own Hens Night my mother-in-law got behind the wheel when she was a little too tipsy and rear-ended my maid-of-honor. My maid-of-honor is a cop.” So we’re guessing that didn’t go down well…. (source: Reddit)

The hard-to-explain-one

One bride-to-be got into the spirit of wedding celebrations so much that she ended up forgetting who she was supposed to be in love with. She actually ended the night in bed with…her father-in-law! (source: Reddit)

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The ‘why would you do this to me?’ one

Tattoos and parental approval aren’t things that usually go hand in hand. Something that one bride-to-be should have taken into account. After getting drunk on one too many hen party cocktails, she decided to head straight to the tattoo parlour. And proceeded to get a fake tatt right on her…bum!

After her mother found out about her drunken tactics – and not so classy ink work – she was so mad, she promptly ripped her wedding dress. Luckily her mother came to her senses when she found that the tattoo wasn’t real, and headed straight out to the shops to buy her a new one. (source: Reddit)


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The ‘only in Vegas!’ one

A visit to Vegas normally provides enough gossip to last a lifetime. And for one hen, this certainly proved to be the case. After going walkabouts following a particularly boozy hen night, she turned up the next day. And what had she been up to? Marrying a random guy more than twice her age! (source: Reddit)

The ‘how could she have been THAT drunk’ one

Telling her story to The Sun Siobhan Watson – then 24 – revealed that she was so hungover after her hen night that she turned up for her big day, a full five hours after the ceremony was supposed to take place.

hen night

“I couldn’t believe I’d ruined the big day my parents had paid for and I’d left Arron [her husband to-be] at thealtar looking a fool. I wanted to call someone because I needed to talk in out. But I was too scared of what they’d say. Part of me wanted to run away and start a new life somewhere else,” she said.

Before adding: “I was trying to piece together what had happened the night before but I could
hardly remember anything.”

By the time Siobhan came to in her hotel room and wandered to her mum’s house around 6pm, search parties had been sent out and nearly £8,000 wasted on a wedding that didn’t take place.

Sadly the tale doesn’t finish with a happy ending. The fallout after the event actually caused the couple to break up!

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