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Wedding invites. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. That’s what one bride-to-be found out the hard way when her innocent request to attend what should have been the happiest day of her life was met with the sourest of responses.

And while being excluded from any part of the big day – ‘reception only’ invites anyone? – is a justifiable reason to grumble, it was the wording on one particular invite the really got on attendee irked.

Free wine – what’s not to love about that you say? Nothing…but if you take a closer look at the invite you may just see what has tempers flaring.

Yep it’s that second to last line. Lame excuse? Err how about “Your wedding = my nightmare”. Shared by New York newspaper Times Union, the pic came from a woman named Chrissy, who we imagine won’t be off to buy a hat anytime soon!

So what’s your take on the wedding invite? Do you think it’s offensive or more tongue-in-cheek?

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