Too much or each to their own?

A new Channel 5 programme is causing quite a stir! Called My Mum’s Hotter Than Me, it follows mum and daughter duo Georgina, 39,  and Kayla, 21,  who are surgery obsessed and have spent over £60,000 changing their looks!

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Georgina Clarke and her daughter Kayla have spent tens of thousands trying to look like Barbie, with lip injections, cheek fillers, Botox and breast enlargements. 21-year-old Kayla funds their cosmetic surgery through stripping and even has the odd 50-year-old ‘sugar daddy’ who helps with the bills!

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Mum Georgina supports her daughter’s decisions through it all, even though she started getting surgery at only 18 and has had tons of lip fillers. She encouraged her daughter’s love of glamour girl Katie Price, saying, “She was a good role model, strong, independent, she earns her own money and she wasn’t on benefits.” Kayla added, “Plastic surgery is a way of bonding for us as mum and daughter. We want to have bigger boobs, bigger bums and look even more like Barbies” reported The Sun newspaper.

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My Mum’s Hotter Than Me – Tuesday 26th April at 10pm.