A trip to Disneyland to meet Minnie, Mickey and co is every child’s dream. And one that parent’s are keen to fulfil.

So you can imagine one mum’s surprise when her bid to get her little ones to the Magical Kingdom was met with outrage from parents the world over.

33-year-old Nikki Smith set up a GoFundMe page to raise the £5,000 she needed to take her daughters – aged 12 and 10 – to the resort in Florida after a friend had raised funds for her own family trip.

Writing in her initial appeal she said:

‘I have been blessed with the most amazing, kind, loving and caring daughters… I want to show them how much I appreciate and love them.

‘They love anything Disney and I know that I would never be able to get them there on my own because of bills etc., by the time I save up they would be to [sic] old to enjoy it.’

disneyland crowfund mum

But rather than being deluged with support from fellow mums and dads she was trolled by naysayers who didn’t approve of her bid, and forced to close her page after totting up just £10.

Smith was branded as a “scrounger” and a “beggar” by some and one outraged man even went as far as to say: “PAY FOR YOUR OWN HOLIDAYS!!!!” while one woman added: “Why should the rest of us scrimp and save !!! For her to scrounge !!!!!”

Speaking to the Sun Online, she said:

“It’s so hard to save with two children as well as working part time, you’ve got the bills and shopping – it would probably take me 10 years to save up that much and it would be too late then.”

While the mum-of-two – who works a part-time healthcare assistant – was initially quick to appease her doubters, she recently decided to reactive the ‘Disney World for my girls’ page and has now reached her target of £5,000.

And anonymous donour stumped up £2,198 towards her holiday, while more than 120 donations were clocked up in total. Sharing her joy as she reached her goal she wrote the words: “Always BELIEVE in MAGIC!!”

Writing on her page about the turnaround she said:

‘After the worst time and the twisted story the newspapers told about me I was prompted to put my page back up. And feel this to be the only way I can speak out because I have lost all faith in reporters.

Disneyland Crowdfund mum – so what do you think of her actions? Join the conversation on the Woman’s Own Facebook page.

‘I will never believe half of the stories I read in the papers now. I am not a bad person 🙁 I also am not asking people for their hard earned money. People have a choice. If I had lied and said one of my children was ill when they weren’t to raise money I could have understood the backlash. But I was totally upfront and honest 🙁 You can’t win in his world.’

Those who have already donated to the page, explained why they felt moved to make a contribution.

Melinda Beckham said: ‘I hope you make it! My daughter is now 30 our Disney memories are precious. Wave to Mickey for me!’

While Sharon Bishop added: ‘From one Mom to another, enjoy Disney! Don’t give up dreaming!’

Smith is also not the only one to have turned to this method, as these Tweets reveal:

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