Even if you don’t eat McDonald’s chances are you’ve eaten a Happy Meal as a kid and what was the best part? They toy of course! Well, if you are hoping to see a plastic toy in the next Happy Meal box you buy – think again! Super fast food chain McDonald’s are removing toys from their Happy Meals and replacing them with something much more educational! Soon they will all include a small book instead of a toy, promoting book reading as the new fun thing for kids to do! Hurrah! McDonald's-Happy-Meal-toys-set-to-disappear

McDonald’s plans to distribute more than 17 million children’s books to kids which is a brilliant initiative.

There are four top titles in the mix, including Paddington, Pete the Cat, Clark the Shark Takes Heart, and Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse. Each book has been specially made to fit inside the trademark Happy Meal box measuring about 4 inches by 5 inches.

The brand is even offering Spanish-language versions at some locations.

And although this is only happening in the USA right now we are hoping it will hit the UK pronto!

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