PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: SIMON'S WIFE'S ITEM LISTING ON EBAY) A petrolhead prankster put his wife up for sale on eBay highlighting her ëdecent bodywork and skills in the kitchení after claiming she was unsympathetic when he moaned about feeling unwell. Joker Simon OíKane from Wakefield, Yorkshire, posted a picture of long-suffering wife Leandra alongside a tongue-in-cheek ad detailing his reasons for selling her and the pros and cons of the ëpurchaseí. ¿The dad-of-two made the listing at around 10pm on Wednesday evening (Sept 7) after he claimed Leandra wasnít playing the role of a devoted wife. SEE MERCURY COPY

Men, a word of advice; if you really want to enrage your other half, try comparing them to a used car. On eBay.

Astonishingly, the husband who decided selling his wife on eBay was a good idea was actually looking for some sympathy.

And thought this would be a good way to get it.

Simon O’Kane, 33, from Wakefield, Yorkshire, listed his wife Leandra on the auction site as a joke. Because he wanted to get back at her after he’d been ill and she hadn’t looked after him properly. That man flu must have been really terrible.

His advert – ‘Used Wife’ came with a list of pros and cons to help eBay users decide whether they maybe wanted to bid.

Pros: ‘decent bodywork’; Cons: ‘Often makes this noise that cannot be silenced unless you order brand new shiny parts of metal.’ This was all accompanied by a sassy pic of Leandra alongside the listing.

Simon also wrote: ‘Offers welcome, may consider a part exchange for a younger model.’

We bet his wife loved that bit!

The advert was then taken down by eBay, despite a great deal of interest from buyers, with bids topping £65,00. Inevitably, there were a few ‘pervy’ messages. How delightful.

Luckily, Leandra has taken it on the chin and forgiven Simon. Because that’s acceptable behaviour…. She must have one great sense of humour!

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