Kellie Haddock was living ‘the perfect life’. She had just giving birth to a beautiful baby boy named Eli. Her doting and loving husband AJ was excited to become the best dad ever.

They had 14 wonderful weeks together after Eli was born. Bonding as a family, spending quality time together with their son.

Then, everything changed. Kellie’s life was torn apart when a horrific car accident killed her beloved husband AJ. The accident also left her baby son in a critical condition. The doctors told Kellie is didn’t look good for Eli. Even if he did live, the doctors warned Kellie that he may not ever be able to walk again, talk, or even show emotion.

What happened next was truly miraculous. Watch what Kellie did next below, in a story told by the brave mother herself…

10 years after the horrific accident, it is wonderful to see Eli doing so well and watch Kellie’s journey as she sets out to find the team of heroes that managed to save her sons life. Although it will never bring her late husband back, the ‘Thank You Project’ is a great way to honour him, and the many people who fought so hard to save Eli’s life.

We think that the people who save lives and make other people’s lives better every day should be thanked more often. So, head over to our Facebook Page to thank someone important in your life!

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