There are just three simple things to look for!


Think you can spot someone that is being untruthful? Do shifty expressions, a lack of eye contact and stumbling over words give the game away? Well, apparently not.

New research from the University of Michigan suggests that you can tell someone is lying from three simple tests, and they might not be the ones you would first think of…

The study was carried out on footage of high stake court cases, where some of the speakers were lying and some telling the truth.

After analysing their reactions, there were clear differences in expressions and behaviour…

Here is the foolproof guide to how to tell if someone is lying… 

1. They retain eye contact

Contrary to popular belief, if someone makes direct eye contact they are actually more likely to be lying. Rada Mihalcea, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan, said this is because “the liars are trying so very hard to convince that they are not lying, that in a rational way, they’re just using everything they can to emphasise their trustworthiness.”

2. Using filler words like um and er

Liars are much more likely to use fillers than those who are telling the truth. “This is something that is hard to control,” explains Mihalcea. “When you are thinking about what you are going to say, the words are rational and logical to convince other people of what you want to in dialogue. But the other sounds, you can’t control as much, and they may inevitably slip out despite a liar’s best attempt otherwise.”

3. Gesturing a lot with both hands 

Liars are much more animated than truth tellers, as they have to prove their story more. Mihalcea says this “might have to do with them trying to fabricate something. When there is more explanation going on, they need both hands to create more of the story.