Breaking up is hard to do.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a few months or a few years, losing someone you love can be a heart wrenching experience that is difficult to bounce back from.

break up

And if you thought you were the only one carving out weeks on end to replaying each scene in your relationship and pouring over texts from your ex, then the latest findings may offer some reassurance.

According to a new study we ALL spend an average of 18 months getting over the ones that got away. Three major breakups = a whole year and a half of our lives spent watching rom coms through tears, working on our ‘revenge bodies’ and taking up evening classes we have absolutely no interest in to prove that we are totally past it.

And is if that wasn’t depressing enough, the research by OnePoll and Yelp Eat24 also found that going from two to one can send your life in a downwards spiral. In numbers that looks a little a something like this:

  • Six weeks before those tears stop falling
  • Five weeks to ditch the habit of stalking our formerly significant other on social media
  • Six and a half weeks to delete your ex’s number
  • Seven weeks to give your house a final once over and get rid of ‘their remaining stuff’ once and for all
  • Seven and half weeks to delete pictures of your ex
  • Eight weeks before we stop dropping our former flame into the conversation
  • 13.5 weeks to start dating someone else

Hmm. It doesn’t look good. But if you’re feeling less than chipper after all this break up related math, we only have this to say. The world doesn’t stop where one relationship ends. Just look at celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman.

Yep things may even look a little brighter on the other side…

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