Ok, how good is your concentration? Can you spend ages focussing on something or do you get easily distracted? Take a look at the picture below – how long did it take you to find the letter O hidden among the Qs?


Now take a look again and tell us how long it took you find TWO of the hidden Os? Did you see them in seconds?

Apparently if you got it straight way then well done you, your level of concentration is high! Wohoo! But if like lots of other people it took you a minute or two, apparently your have fairly low concentration levels. Sorry guys! Did the little guy on the side distract you by any chance?

According to The Metro, The University College London found that people who were easily distracted by the cartoon character in a similar task overall showed a higher level of symptoms associated with lack of concentration and attention issues. Who knew!! Does it ring true for you?

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Source The Metro, metro.co.uk

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