Paris Monroe is a brilliant teacher. So brilliant in fact that she won an ‘Educator of the Month’ award for her work. She teaches the 4th grade (9–10 year olds) in an American school.


However Paris didn’t become an internet sensation because of her awesome teaching skills. Unfortunately, quite the opposite. Paris was criticised for being a ‘hot teacher’, which many argued also raised questions about whether it was ‘appropriate’ for her to teach young children.

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People mainly directed their criticism at her outfit choices, which many claimed were too tight or too revealing.

“Her attire is inappropriate” one critic argued, whilst another added that her school should intervene with a dress code more ‘fitting’ for a school teacher.

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However, others were quick to leap to her defence. Many hit back stating there was, “nothing wrong” with the way Paris dresses, especially not if she is a fantastic teacher for her kids. In addition, someone said in support of Paris, “it’s not your fault you have a gorgeous body! Ignore all the hate!”

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What do you think? Have people over-reacted? Is it up to Paris to wear what she likes in her classroom if it doesn’t affect her work? Or should the school say something like the critics have suggested? Let us know by joining the conversation on our Facebook page.

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