What does it look like when you lose 150 pounds in two years and then slip on a swimsuit next to your old, heavier, self? Well, a little like this actually…


We’ve all seen the classic ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos that celebs and fitness fanatics use to show-off their weight-loss results, but these pictures by photographer Blake Morrow of his best friend Beth Beard blow them ALL out of the water!




Blake took these photos of Beth a few weeks before her gastric bypass surgery and then #TheBethProject was born. Fast forward two years to when Beth had reached her weight loss goal and Blake took another set of photos, before digitally editing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots together to create what Blake describes as a, “playful” celebration of her significant weight-loss.





Blake makes it really clear that there is no celeb-style, glossy mag photoshopping going on to make Beth’s body look different from reality now – the weight loss is all her own! He says, “to properly communicate and celebrate Beth’s accomplishment, her body has not been digitally altered in any way.”







We love these pictures and really admire Beth’s dedication to getting the body she wanted! To see more of Blake Morrow’s photos, check out his Instagram or Twitter account!




By Rachael Martin