The Tummy Tuck dietThis dairy-based plan will help you lose fat from your abdomen.

Make sure you eat three portions of dairy a day. Choose one option for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Every hour, drink a small glass of water. You can have tea or coffee with skimmed milk and sweetener


–       30g Special K with skimmed milk

–       Bowl of grapefruit and orange segments. Hot chocolate made with 250ml skimmed milk

–       1 small pot fat-free plain yogurt with 1dsp sultanas, a sprinkle of wheatgerm and ½ banana sliced

–       Simmer or microwave 30g porridge oats in 100ml skimmed milk. Put 1 sliced banana in the bottom of a

bowl with 1dsp honey. Add the porridge and top with 1dsp half-fat crème fraiche

–       2-egg omelette – put 1tbsp cottage cheese inside before folding over. 200ml glass of pink grapefruit juice

–       3 oatcakes with 2tbsp cottage cheese and a few grapes, sliced. 200ml glass of pure apple juice


–       1 banana, 2tbsp cottage cheese and small bunch black grapes

–       Salad leaves with 30g cheese and 1 hard-boiled egg, sliced

–       2 scrambled eggs on 1 slice unbuttered granary bread

–       300ml tomato soup with crème fraiche and 1 small roll

–       Small tin tuna with salad leaves, peas and sweet corn

–       1 small pot cottage cheese with parsnips or vegetable crisps, 1 apple

–       Smoothie made with 1 smll pot plain low-fat yogurt, 200ml milk, 1 banana and 1tsp honey

–       ½ sliced avocado, served with salad leaves and 1tbsp toasted pie nuts

–       6 prunes, 6 dried apricots and 1 banana, sliced, topped with 1 small pot plain low-fat yogurt

–       1 small pot cottage cheese with 1 banana

–       30g feta cheese, 1 pear, sliced, and 6 crumbled walnuts with salad leaves

–       3 Ryvita Crispbreads with 1 apple, 30g cheese and small bunch grapes

–       300ml asparagus, leek and potato soup – or carrot and coriander soup – with a handful of croutons

–       Colourful mixed salad with 30g cheese

–       300ml spinach or watercress soup with 1 small granary roll

–       Cold salmon fillet, flaked, with mixed salad

–       Grilled mushrooms on 1 slice granary toast topped with 1dsp crème fraiche

–       Grilled salmon fillet with spinach, broccoli and herbs


–       Grilled fillet steak served with salad leaves, tomatoes and mushrooms

–       Lemon pepper Quorn Fillet served with 2 boiled potatoes, unlimited spinach and carrots

–       3 pan-fried pork medallions with apple rings and unlimited green vegetables

–       pan-fried chicken escalope served with 1tbsp crème fraiche, a pinch dried tarragon and stir-fried vegetables

–       Vegetarian chilli made with kidney beans, black-eyed peas and chopped tomatoes served with 3tbsp rice

–       Chicken fillet baked in 3tbsp yogurt served with 3tbsp lemon rice and salad

–       Mixed vegetables and tofu stir-fried with 1dsp crème fraiche and served with 3tbsp rice

–       Chicken fillet backed with lemon, lemon zest and paprika served with mixed salad or stir-fried vegetables

–       Chicken fillet baked in 3tbsp yogurt, served with 1 mashed parsnip and peas

–       Unlimited stir-fried vegetables tossed with 1tbsp toasted pine nuts and 3tbsp penne pasta

–       Grilled salmon fillet served with spinach, broccoli and herbs

–       Cod fillet poached in milk, sprinkled with 30g grated cheese and grilled until golden, served with 2 potatoes and carrots

–       Prawn stir-fry with mixed vegetables

–       1 jacket potato with 3tbsp mixed ratouille and 30g grated cheese, grilled

–       3 slices roast beef or lamb with gravy and vegetables (but no potatoes)

–       4tbsp pasta tossed with mixed steamed vegetables and 1tbsp crème fraiche

–       Cauliflower in low-fat cheese sauce with sliced tomatoes, topped with 30g grated cheese and grilled until golden


Each day have 1 small pot of low-fat yogurt (or low-fat rice pudding of you prefer) accompanied by or mixed with one of the following:

–       Fruit jelly and a handful of fresh raspberries

–       Stewed apple

–       2 poached or tinned pears

–       Fresh fruit salad

–       Stewed rhubarb

–       2 Fresh or stewed plums

–       Exotic fruit salad (e.g., mango, pineapple)