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Squeeze into that LBD this Christmas

Two weeks is all you need to look fab for the party season with these easy meal plans – and you can even enjoy a glass of wine!

How it works

Choose one meal from each section for 6 days every week. On the seventh day, follow the special light diet plan.


–       Before meals, have a glass of water  with a slice of lemon

–       You can have 250ml glass fresh orange or mango juice a day

–       Enjoy any amount of tea with skimmed milk and a sweetener (no sugar)

–       Don’t drink more than two cups of coffee a day with skimmed milk and a sweetener (no sugar)

–       Per week: Four white wine spritzers OR four small glasses of wine OR four single spirits with low-calorie mixers, but no more than one alcoholic drink a day


–       2 slices toast with low-fat spread plus Marmite or peanut butter

–       2 poached eggs on 1 slice granary toast

–       1 Shredded Wheat with 250ml skimmed milk and a handful of sliced mango

–       Fruit salad with papaya and orange segments topped with 2tbsp plain yogurt and 1dsp sunflower seeds

–       30g porridge topped with 1dsp of sultanas and a little evaporated milk

–       2-egg omelette filled with 1tbsp cottage cheese and 1dsp bacon bits


–       Colourful mixed salad with 30g grated Edam cheese and 1-2tbsp Florida dressing (see recipe below)

–       1 papaya, peeled, halved and seeded, then filled with 2tbsp cottage cheese

–       Tuna and sweetcorn sandwich using granary bread

–       2 thick slices ham, diced mango and large mixed salad

–       Large mixed salad with 2tbsp cottage cheese, 1 grated carrot and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds


–       1 grilled salmon steak topped with grilled pineapple or papaya slices plus 2tbsp cauliflower in low-fat cheese sauce

–       220g chicken strips and 8 cashews stir-fried, topped with 1tbsp sweet and sour sauce and served with a large green salad

–       Mix together 2tbsp cooked green lentils, 1 sweet potato, cooked and diced, 1 onion, chopped and fried, and 4 mushrooms, sliced and fried. Add 2tbsp curry sauce, heat through and serve with tomatoes drizzled in balsamic vinegar

–       1 baked sweet potato with 2tbsp cauliflower in low-fat cheese sauce and 1 slice ham

–       1 chicken breast, in strips, pan-fried with 1tbsp single cream and orange segments. Steamed spinach and green beans

–       1 sweet potato, cooked and diced, mixed with 1 sliced hard-boiled egg, small tin tuna, salad leaves and 2tbsp Florida dressing (see recipe below)


–      2 pieces of chocolate

Light diet day

Turbo-charge your weight loss with one light day a week. For breakfast have 30g cereal with skimmed milk, topped with 2tbsp sunflower seeds and 1tbsp low-fat yogurt. For the rest of the day only eat vegetables, either in salad, as crudités or roasted. Snack on handfuls of walnuts or brazil nuts and drink water flavoured with lemon slices

Florida dressing

Combine 100ml olive oil, 50ml balsamic vinegar, 1dsp mayonnaise, 1tbsp honey, grated rind of 2 oranges and ½ lemon, 3 crushed walnuts in a screw top bottle and shake well before use.


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