Age defying dietWho needs Botox when this five-day anti-ageing diet will help you shave off years and 1lb a day?

This diet gets rid of toxins to clear your complexion and includes skin-boosting foods like spinach, omega-3-rich oily fish and watermelon.

Excess water is flushed  to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, while foods rich in antioxidant help fight ageing caused by the environment, when you’re emotionally stressed or exercise a lot.

Top 5 skin-boosters

1. Fibre: A fibre-rich diet full of nutritious raw fruits and vegetables keeps cells young

2. Water: Drink at least 2ltrs a day to plump up  cells and reduce wrinkles

3. Sleep: Make sure you get eight hours. This is when your skin cells repair and regenerate for younger-looking skin.

4. Good habits: Alcohol and smoking robs the skin of nutrients. Help skin out with with fresh air plus antioxidant foods

5. Time out: Avoid stress if possible – it burns nutrients and exhausts our immune system


The youth-booster diet

Choose one of the following options for each meal:


–       Bowl of blueberries, 1tbsp each pomegranate seeds and raspberries with 1tbsp strawberry coulis. 2 eggs, scrambled

–       2tbsp organic muesli with almonds, topped with 1tbsp blueberries and 1tbsp Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Cocoa & Berries sprinkle

–       Glass of pomegranate juice. 2 slices wholegrain toast with 2tbsp peanut butter

–       4tbsp porridge topped with 6 prunes



–       Any mixed colourful salad with raw spinach, plus tuna, smoked mackerel or cottage cheese, 2tbsp olive oil vinaigrette dressing

–       Grilled sardines on toast – use sardines in tomato sauce (whole tin), mash and grill on 2 slices of wholemeal toast, then add slices of tomatoes

–       Pitta pocket stuffed with chopped spinach and 30g crumbled goat’s cheese tossed in plenty of olive oil and lemon dressing

–       ½ galia melon or slice of watermelon, seeds scooped out and filled with 3tbsp prawns or strips of Parma ham and 1tbsp pine nuts



Have a slice of melon before each meal.

–       168g oven-baked salmon drizzled with chilli-infused olive oil (from supermarkets) and served on 3tbsp ready-cooked green lentils. Spinach salad with oily dressing

–       Chicken Marengo –  place a chicken breast on 3tbsp uncooked rice, pour over 400ml orange juice and some chopped mushrooms. Cover with foil and bake for 30-45 minutes (depending on oven). Serve with greens.

–       Spinach omelette – use 2 eggs and 2 egg whites, fill with 1tbsp cottage cheese and steamed spinach. Served with fry-roast potato slices

–       Ready-to-bake fish served with green salad, peas and carrots.

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