Woman drinking a smoothieJust one day of dieting a week could be all you need to lose pounds.  


How it works

If you’re the type of person to fall off the diet wagon within days, this could be the plan for you. By dieting for just one day a week and eating sensibly for the other six you can shed pounds and tame your appetite. You lose fat by eating fewer calories – not by depriving yourself of nutrition.


The one-diet day

–       8 x 200ml glass milk. You can drink these hot or cold or use to make milky coffees

–       Eat a piece of fruit with every glass of milk, e.g., an apple, a few grapes, a pear, etc. This adds essential fibre to your diet


Your 6 day meal plan

Follow the 10-mouthfuls rule – whatever you’re eating, have no more than 10 bites. The first stops your hunger. The next five mouthfuls supply energy and nutrition and the rest in enjoyment. After 10 mouthfuls, you’re eating more than you need, so stop! You are allowed to have a glass of wine and three squares of chocolate each day.



Have 240ml milk each day, which can be used in tea and coffee



Start each day with either ¼ grapefruit, a glass of grapefruit juice or a bowl of tinned grapefruit segments. Then choose one of the following:

–       Smoothie made with 1 banana, 1 cup skimmed milk, 1tbsp yogurt, 1tsp honey and 6 almonds blended together

–       Porridge made with water and a little skimmed milk and 1tsp honey

–       Omelette made with 4 egg whites and 2 egg yolks

–       ½ melon filled with raspberries and 1 slice wholegrain toast and butter

–       1 rasher bacon and 1 egg with tomatoes and mushrooms

–       Muesli: 2tbsp oats skimmed milk, with handful raspberries, 6 crushed hazelnuts and 1 grated apple, topped with low-fat yogurt

–       30g Special K with skimmed milk and ½ grated apple



Each day have a 200ml glass and grapefruit or tomato juice. Have a colourful mixed salad with one of the following, then a piece of fruit:

–       ½ avocado

–       2 slices cold meat or ham

–       1 hard-boiled egg

–       Small tin tuna fish

–       2-egg omelette

–       Wholegrain sandwich with tuna, watercress and 1tsp mayonnaise

–       Bowl of vegetable, lentil or spinach soup with 1 slice wholegrain bread



Start with ½ grapefruit or 200ml glass grapefruit juice, the choose one of the following:

–       Jacket potato with 1tbsp any filling and unlimited salad

–       3tbsp fish pie with fresh vegetables

–       3tsbp seafood paella

–       3tbsp any pasta with vegetable sauce

–       Small portion vegetable lasagne with salad, peas and carrots or spinach

–       Grilled salmon fillet with any three vegetables



You can eat anything but limit it to three mouthfuls


Skipped a meal?

If you miss a meal and need to snack, you can have up to three of these:

–       1 hard-boiled egg on 1 crackerbread

–       1tbsp cottage cheese with carrot sticks

–       1 banana

–       Small pot plain low-fat yogurt

–       Mixed, colourful salad with vinaigrette dressing

–       1 slice Edam cheese with lettuce and celery

–       Small bowl lentil soup

–       Slice of ham or chicken with 2 spear asparagus

–       1 sliced banana mixed with 1tbsp fromage frais

–       1 celery stick filled with 3tsbp peanut butter

–       1 slice wholemeal bread with Marmite

–       Mug of low-fat hot chocolate with 1 apple

–       1 apple and 10 grapes