weight loss foods blueberriesFollow these dos and don’t and you could look slimmer in just 48 hours!

Quick-Fix Weight Loss Tricks


Go to the gym: Have a couple of days off. Muscle fibres reduce in just 48 hours of rest and you’ll experience a small reduction in bulk

Eat starchy foods: Starch-based foods, like bread and rice, hold water. With nothing to hold it, you’ll experience a diuretic effect

Eat fruit: Get  fibre from leafy vegetables instead. Some fruits have a bloating effect

Snack between meals: Once you start snacking, your stomach acid will expect food. You need to get your stomach into snooze mode

Drink too much water: Most people drink too much water when they cut back on food, but this can lead to poor digestion and bloating



Eat protein for breakfast: Eggs are a great option, as the body uses more calories to digest protein than carbs, like toast or cereal

Practise portion control: It’s easy to over-eat especially with a high-protein meal. Eat less than you did at the previous meal – so if you have two eggs for breakfast today, just have one tomorrow

Take daily supplements: Counteract the side effects of a low-cal diet with chromium, iron and vitamin C

Cleanse inside and out: Take 1-heaped tsp of effervescent health salts in water each day (Sainsbury’s Effervescent Health Salts, £2.33). This balances the salts in your body and cleanses the gut, reducing your tum and waist by at least a centimetre