Here at Woman’s Own, we will all admit to being snappy on holiday!

Unfortunately, we can’t say that we are terribly gifted photographers, so love a how to photos session. 

New research from sunshine.co.uk has revealed that British people take an average of 300 holiday photos, but only 3 per cent of us actually print them off.

SmugMug have the answer – sign up to back up all of your photographs online. They guarantee to keep your precious memories safe.

We chatted to their photography experts to get you (and us!) some top tips for holiday photography this summer:

 1.Focus on one point

how to photos holiday snaps

We find that we take so many shots of the beach on our jollies that it’s hard to work out which was which! Try focusing on something interesting or unusual, such as a boat or shells.

2. Follow the sun

how to photos holiday snaps

The best photos are taken just as the sun is about to rise or set. The tones of sunlight mean this is the most flattering time to take your bikini snaps!

3. Try a new angle 

how to photos holiday snaps

Get low or go high up to freshen up your photos! This new perspective will make your shots look more professional.

Remember the key thing about taking photos is to make sure you enjoy it. Holidays are for relaxing so don’t make capturing your happy memories into a chore!

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the waiter to take a picture for you, it’s important to get a snap of the whole family together!

By Jessica Beech


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